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  • Are there any fees when transferring cryptocurrency?
    No! Our in-app transfer is completely free. You can freely send your crypto to your friends who are also using Nativ anywhere anytime. However, transaction fees will occur when you want to withdraw your crypto from Nativ to other platforms or wallets. Do Check Nativ’s withdrawal fees here.
  • How long does it take to complete a transaction?
    You can check the estimated transaction time for each blockchain network below.
  • How to withdraw funds from Nativ
    Simply follow our 'How to Withdraw Tokens' guide on YouTube below, and you're good! Additionally, you can also check out our written guidelines on How-to withdraw your funds from Nativ to all other platforms here.
  • How to deposit funds into Nativ
    Select where you want to deposit from (CEX) #Binance #Kucoin #OKX #Gateio #Mexc Select where you want to deposit from (DEX/non-custodial wallet) #Metamask #TrustWallet #Telegram
  • How do I earn interests?
    Savings made easy! Just follow the video guide and instruction below. 1. Go to the second to the left tab. 2. Scroll and find the token that you want to save with. 3. Add/Deposit into saving account. 4. Input amount that you want to save. 5. Input your security pin and wait for confirmation. Note: APY is percent that you will gain as a reward per year from the deposited amount. You can also check our full guide here.
  • How do I claim my rewards?
    Once you have token saved you can watch your asset grow daily! Only a couple of buttons and you will be able to claim your rewards every day. Let's compound! 1. Go to the 'Earn' page. 2. Tap 'Claim All'. 3. Enter 'Pin Code'. 4. Wait for confirmation and your rewards will be in your main wallet. You can also check our full guide here.
  • Why would I use Nativ? Is it different from other wallets?
    Nativ is a cryptocurrency ‘savings’ wallet that encourages people to save their hard-earned money in digital assets where traditional currency is unreliable in many parts of the world, see example. Apart from our competitive yield on digital assets, Nativ also implemented the cutting-edge MPC to protect users’ funds while leveraging the power of blockchain in order to equip anyone, from any part of the world, with the technology of the future. The app is so simple that even a user with no tech background, including your parents or the elderly, can use it! The UX/UI feels like home, similar to mobile banking app.
  • Why doesn’t Nativ have a seed phrase for a user to remember like other crypto wallets?
    Your security is our top priority, so we take care of all of it for you with the power of MPC, where a seed phrase is not necessary for additional security. We can say that our app is built for ‘custodial convenience, non-custodial security’ (Nativ CeFi wallet is still secure as keeping a seed phrase yourself). All you need to remember is the 6-digit PIN code when setting up a wallet.
  • What is the tech behind Nativ to protect users' fund?
    We have implemented the cutting-edge technology called 'MPC' to protect all of our customer fund. Rest assured that your fund will always be safe within our co-custodial technology. Care to deep dive about MPC? Don't trust, verify. Check out these articles below to learn the power of MPC now. 1.Private Key Co-Custody with MPC Technology 2.Non-MPC Custodial Platforms and Hardware Wallet 3.A Deep Dive of MPC Technology in Nativ Wallet 4.How are Private Keys Stored in Crypto Wallets
  • How did you get that competitive in-app yield? Where are they from?
    Our Save&Earn product is mainly based on running a blockchain node, DeFi investing, and lending protocol.
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