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Crypto Savings Wallet of May 2023

If you are the one who does not want to hassle around setting up new hardware wallets, remembering/securing your own seed phrase, and not bothering with DeFi apps to earn yield by yourself, there is a complete solution. You can try to use any available ‘crypto savings wallet’ in your country that offers the “secure vault” for your crypto and the place to “earn yield”—all in one app. Wondering what is it? We got you covered!

What is a crypto savings wallet?

A crypto savings wallet is a type of cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to earn interest on your crypto holdings. These wallets typically offer higher interest rates than traditional bank accounts, and they can be a great way to grow your crypto wealth over time.

When you deposit and use the ‘Earn’ function to lock your crypto into a savings wallet, the provider will lend it out to other users or invest it in other assets in the backend. In return for lending out your crypto, you will earn interest payments, mostly annualized (APY). The interest rate you earn will vary depending on the provider’s strategy and the type of crypto you deposit.

Benefits of using a crypto savings wallet include:

  • Higher interest rates: Crypto savings wallets typically offer higher interest rates than traditional bank accounts.

  • Security: Crypto savings wallets are typically very secure, as they use advanced security measures, such as MPC, to protect your crypto assets.

  • Convenience: Crypto savings wallets are very convenient to use, as you can access your crypto from anywhere in the world.

  • Flexibility: Crypto savings wallets offer a lot of flexibility, as you can typically withdraw your crypto at any time.

Risks associated with using a crypto savings wallet include:

  • Security breaches: Crypto wallets are a target for hackers, so there is always a risk that your crypto could be stolen.

  • Third-party dependence: Using a crypto savings wallet means that you believed in the provider. Therefore, it’s possible that you might be scammed ‘if not DYOR properly’, as in the FTX incident

  • Regulation: The cryptocurrency industry is still relatively new especially a wallet that provides ‘Earn’ function, so there is a risk that governments could introduce regulations that could make it more difficult to use crypto savings wallets or make you pay retroactive tax using data from this kind of wallet.

Though having both pros and cons, we could argue that a crypto savings wallet is born for people who want to use crypto in its simplest form, cutting out the burden process completely and allowing users to dive into the blockchain world without the prerequisite knowledge needed. With the common goal of bringing the financial world of crypto/blockchain technology to everyone, this ‘Crypto savings wallet’ that simplifies everything for you could be the next big trend to follow in the coming years. For that reason, today let’s have a look and get to know some of the most interesting crypto savings wallets right now in May 2023


Nativ is a crypto savings wallet that allows users to save, send, and receive crypto in a secure and convenient way. The service is available worldwide and localized in Thai, Laos, and Myanmar (more to come). Thanks to MPC technology used in Nativ, users just simply create an account and set up the 6-digit PIN, acting like the private key itself without the need to remember the seed phrase. Once an account is created, users can send and receive crypto between each other in the app instantly and for free. Nativ also offers a variety of features that make it a convenient and secure way to send and receive money, including:

  • Instant payments: Nativ payments are processed instantly, so users can send and receive crypto in-app quickly and easily.

  • No fee: Nativ crypto transfers within the platform are free. No hidden fees, always.

  • MPC Secure payments: Nativ uses the latest MPC security measures to split and protect the private key in a decentralized way, so users can be confident that their crypto is safe.

  • Multi-platform: Nativ is available on both Android and iOS. Users can send and receive crypto easily without hardware barriers.

  • A place to earn yield: Native offers 8% stablecoins APY, arguably one of the most profitable in the crypto savings wallet market

To sum up, Nativ is an interesting, convenient, and secure way to send, receive, and earn a yield on crypto in Southeast Asia countries. The project is dedicated to bringing cryptocurrency technology and its financial services to people's hands even if users don’t know how blockchain really works in the background. Nativ applies user-friendly UX/UI in the app, insisting that people of every age and every country be able to use crypto. With the principle to build the app for ‘everyone’, this makes Nativ one of the most ambitious and compelling wallets in 2023


Nexo is a leading crypto platform that offers a smart, non-custodial wallet that allows users to store, send, receive, and swap cryptocurrencies across multiple networks. Users can also earn passive income by supplying assets to decentralized protocols or joining liquidity pools directly from the Nexo wallet. Nexo claims to provide a secure and user-friendly Web3 experience with features such as smart contracts, gas fee optimization, batch transactions, and multi-sig

security. Nexo supports over 60 cryptocurrencies and 40 fiat currencies

The platform also has a fast lock-unlock feature (less than 24 hours) and has third-party certification to verify the existence of coins. It attracts users with a stablecoin APY that can go up to 12%. is a reputable crypto exchange that offers a mobile app and a DeFi wallet that allow users to buy, sell, store, and send cryptocurrencies. Users can also earn interest on their crypto assets by depositing them in the Crypto Earn feature or by staking them in the Exchange. The platform has the advantage of supporting a variety of vaults. claims to be a leader in regulatory compliance and security certifications, with the industry’s most comprehensive insurance coverage and verified proof of reserves. supports over 250 cryptocurrencies and 20 fiat currencies

However, some details on the ‘Earn’ function are not straightforward. For example, users may need to hold a certain amount of CRO coins or lock them for a minimum of 3 months to get better APY.


Ledn is a crypto borrowing platform branding itself as a "Crypto savings account" that offers a secure and transparent way to earn interest on Bitcoin and USDC. Users can deposit their crypto assets in Ledn Savings Accounts and receive up to 7.5% APY paid in Bitcoin or USDC. Ledn generates interest by lending its client deposits to creditworthy institutional borrowers with strong risk management. Ledn also offers loans that allow users to access liquidity without selling their Bitcoin. The company is a Canadian-based that is compliant with regulatory standards and has proof of reserves.

However, the platform has limited options for locking coins for interest (only BTC and USDC), but this platform is considered one of the highest APY returns available in the market.

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