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Deposit Guide for Beginners: How to Transfer Digital Assets from to Your Nativ Account

You can follow the below steps to transfer Digital Assets from and send it to your Nativ Wallet.

Step 1: Register/Login with Your Account
  • Open app/website.

  • Press Sign up/Log In.

  • Create a account if you are a first-timer here.

  • Note: We cannot take screenshots of the login page due to the security policy of

  • You will see the main page and your ‘total assets’ in when you successfully log in.

Step 2: Generate an Address in Nativ for Receiving Cryptocurrency
  • Open the Nativ app (Available on both Android and iOS).

  • Press ‘Deposit’

  • Choose the cryptocurrency you want to deposit to Nativ, in this case, we’ll choose the USDT.

  • Select the blockchain network that you want to send them through. (This selection of network ‘MUST MATCH’ with what you select on, including any platforms where you withdraw your crypto).

  • Note: most of the time TRC-20 will cost less fees than ERC-20 network.

  • Copy the address for receiving cryptocurrency into Nativ.

  • You can also save the QR code image and use it in the supported platform, including (The QR code will display the same address that you copy).

  • Get ready to transfer!

Step 3: Withdraw USDT from to Your Nativ Account

Only a few simple steps left to be a crypto ‘Nativ’, hang tight.

  • In the app, go to ‘Wallet’ tab on the bottom right then press ‘Withdraw’.

  • Choose the coin you want to withdraw (Same coin you select in Nativ)— USDT in this case. The app will automatically display the cryptocurrency you already have.

  • Select ‘On-chain withdrawal method’.

  • Paste the address you have copied from Nativ in the address box (Or press the scan button to use the QR code image/scan).

  • Under ‘Withdrawal Network’, choose the corresponding blockchain network that you have chosen in Nativ from the drop-down list.

  • You can compare the estimated gas fee on this page.

  • Nativ currently supports ERC-20 and TRC-20 as of this writing. More networks will be available soon.

WARNING: Choosing the wrong network will result in the loss of your crypto forever. Be careful at this step.

  • Input the amount you want to withdraw from to Nativ.

  • Check withdrawal fees and all other details. When ready, press ‘Next’’

  • will require you to input various security codes all at once on the next page to perform the withdrawal process, including 1. fund password, 2. SMS OTP code, 3. email verification, 4. Google Authenticator (2FA)

  • Note: We cannot take screenshots of the last withdrawal verification page due to the security policy of, but all the details are as described above.

  • When submit, you will see the withdrawal details as shown below.

  • Voila! Your cryptos from OKX are on their way to Nativ. Please wait some time for block confirmation on the blockchain network. (When a block is confirmed, you will see your funds immediately in Nativ. No extra process is needed from our side).

  • You can also check the estimated transaction time for each blockchain network below.

Bitcoin Network: ~10 Minutes

Ethereum (ERC-20): ~5 Minutes

BNB Smart chain (BEP-20): ~5 Minutes

Tron (TRC-20): ~3 Minutes

  • After some time, open Nativ and check again whether your crypto is already landed in the Nativ app. If a problem occurs or it takes too long, feel free to contact our support team anytime.

Extra: Setting up ‘Fund Password’
  • If you are stuck in the ‘Onchain Withdrawal page’ or you get the message saying ‘Withdrawal Function Is Temporarily Unavailable’, this means that you haven’t set your fund password (safepwd), which is an exclusive and necessary function for withdrawal in

How to Fix and Setup Fund Password

  • Go to your profile menu on the top left of the application.

  • Press on ‘Security Center’.

  • Press ‘Fund Password’.

  • Add your new Fund Password and remember it for further withdrawals.

  • This setup process needs to use email/Google 2FA to verify the identity.

  • Note: We cannot take screenshots of the Fund Password setup page due to the security policy of, but all the details are as described above.

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