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How Crypto USD Savings Can Make You a Millionaire in Myanmar

In the face of political and economic instability, the people of Myanmar have endured significant challenges, including the devaluation of their local currency and the erosion of their savings. Traditional savings accounts once considered a reliable means of preserving wealth, have fallen short in these turbulent times. However, there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon – the rise of Crypto USD savings and its savings wallet. In this article, we will explore how Crypto USD savings can be a game-changer for Myanmar people, potentially leading individuals on a path to becoming millionaires in the long run by the power of compound interest, or at least being able to escape from the local economy's turbulence. So, let's dive into this exciting world of digital currencies and discover how they can revolutionize wealth preservation in economically unstable countries like Myanmar.

Crypto USD Savings

Crypto USD or stablecoin digital currency, is a decentralized form of money that operates on a secure and transparent technology called blockchain. Unlike traditional savings accounts or a currency tied to a specific bank or country, Crypto USD stablecoin transcends borders and offers individuals an opportunity to safeguard their wealth with increased security through blockchain technology and better accessibility by wallet providers.

One of the most significant advantages of Crypto USD savings lies in its decentralized nature. Instead of relying on a central authority, such as a bank or government, transactions, and record-keeping are carried out collectively by a network of computers, aka blockchain. This decentralized structure ensures that funds cannot be manipulated or controlled by any single entity as you are the one who is responsible for the private key to your fund. Bringing accessibility to U.S. Dollar to everyone in the world, the USD stablecoin also helps hedge against inflation in currencies that have worse inflation than U.S. Dollar, as in Myanmar nowadays.

Furthermore, Crypto USD savings provide a level of security that traditional savings accounts struggle to match. Through the use of cryptographic technology in certain savings wallet like Nativ, your private key to sign transactions are encrypted and secured by splitting the key to multiple parties, making it highly resistant to fraud and hacking attempts. This enhanced security instills a sense of confidence in individuals looking to protect their hard-earned money.

Combined with the simplest, yet secure crypto savings wallet as in Nativ that leverages blockchain and MPC technology, you can ensure that your savings in USD stablecoins are 24/7 safe and sound. All the USDs sitting there also work for you by the ‘Earn’ function that gives 8% APY on stablecoin—one of the best rates in the market!

Want to know more about NATIV? Check it out on our educational blog

Moreover, the acceptance and adoption of cryptocurrencies have been on the rise globally, including within Myanmar. Increasingly, businesses, both local and international, are recognizing the value of cryptocurrencies as a means of exchange. This growing acceptance creates a favorable environment for individuals seeking to invest in Crypto USD stablecoins, as it enhances the liquidity and usability of these digital assets.

Getting Started with Crypto USD Savings

Now that we have explored the immense potential of Crypto USD savings, let's dive into the practical steps you can take to embark on this transformative journey toward securing your financial future.

Choose a Reliable Crypto Savings Wallet:

The first step is to select a reputable crypto savings wallet. Look for wallets that have a strong track record, transparent fee structures, and a user-friendly interface. Take your time to research different platforms and read reviews from other users to ensure you choose a reliable exchange that aligns with your needs. If you don’t have one in your mind, we recently have made a list of the best crypto savings wallets of May 2023. Feel free to check it out!

Fund Your Account:

After you have a preferred wallet in your mind, it’s time to deposit! To start your Crypto USD savings journey, you need to fund your crypto savings wallet account. Most wallets offer various options for depositing funds, such as bank transfers in fiat currency or credit/debit card payments. However, the most common way is to deposit coins/tokens from various supported blockchains such as ETH, TRC, and BNB chain. Select the method that suits you best and follow the instructions provided by the wallet to complete the transaction.

Choose a Crypto USD Stablecoin:

Once your account is funded, it's time to choose a Crypto USD stablecoin to save. Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies designed to maintain a stable value by pegging them to an external asset, such as the U.S. dollar. These stablecoins, also market leaders such as USDT, USDC, and DAI, provide the stability necessary for long-term savings while still leveraging the benefits of cryptocurrencies and the security of blockchain.

Securely Store and Earn on Your Crypto Assets:

After purchasing Crypto USD stablecoins, transfer them to a secure wallet. A wallet can be software-based (on your computer or mobile device) or hardware-based (a physical device specifically designed for secure storage). Hardware wallets are generally considered more secure since they keep your funds (Private key) offline, away from potential cyber threats. However, in this case, it is advised that you try to transfer it to a crypto savings wallet that offers decent security with an ‘Earn’ function in which you can grow your money as in NATIV— the simplest crypto savings wallet that gives you 8% yield on stablecoin.

Diversify Your Crypto Portfolio:

While Crypto USD savings can offer excellent opportunities for wealth preservation and growth, it's essential to adopt a diversified approach. Consider allocating a portion of your savings to other cryptocurrencies such as BTC, PAXG, meme coin, or fiat money for liquidity, whatever that aligns with your risk tolerance and investment goals. Diversification helps mitigate risks and increases the potential for long-term success.


In typical situations, it’s been widely known that opening a Myanmar foreign currency account is next to impossible for Myanmar people as the document needed for KYC is a lot and complicated. It goes to the extent that some inside deals might have to be settled if you really want one. Nevertheless, with the power of blockchain and cryptocurrency, your choice of savings has borders no more, unlocking freedom for everyone!

Embarking on the path of Crypto USD savings can be a transformative journey for individuals seeking to safeguard their wealth amidst political and economic uncertainty. By choosing a reliable crypto savings wallet, creating an account, funding it, selecting stablecoins, earning on your asset, diversifying your portfolio, and staying informed, you can position yourself for long-term financial success. The faster you leverage the compound interest, the sooner you will get your financial freedom. So, why wait? Save in Crypto today to preserve your wealth & protect against inflation and devaluation of local currencies. Start now at

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The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and should not be construed as financial or investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies involves inherent risks, including market volatility and the potential loss of capital. The decision to invest in Crypto USD savings should be based on thorough research and a comprehensive understanding of the risks involved.

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