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How to Claim Rewards?

Once you have token saved, you can watch your asset grow daily! Only a couple of buttons and you will be able to claim your rewards every day. Let's compound!

  • Go to the 'Earn' page. This time you will see total USDT locked in the earn vault under ‘Total saved’.

  • Check the ‘Total reward’ to see how much you have earned previously, and press 'Claim All' to receive rewards.

  • Input your 6-digit security pin.

  • Wait a few seconds for your fund to settle in your wallet.

  • You can restake the claimed rewards daily to leverage the power of compound interest as it is the most profitable way to earn on your savings!

Now you’re equipped with the knowledge to grow your savings easily in Nativ. Let’s start the journey in cryptocurrency and enjoy saving with Nativ!

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