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How to Earn Interests?

Savings made easy! You can follow this instruction in just a few simple steps to start the journey of growing your savings.

  • Go to the ‘Earn’ page on the second to the left tab.

  • Scroll down and find digital assets that you want to save with and [Press on it. In this case, we will earn on USDT, which surprisingly gives 8% APY.

  • You will be move to the next page which contains all the information about the token you have selected, including total saved, available balance, APY rate, locked period, maximum deposit, and etc.

  • When ready, press ‘Start Earning’ to add funds to the earn vault.

  • Input the amount of USDT that you want to save, then press continue.

  • Press ‘Max’ to add all of your available fund (USDT)

  • Review your staking order. When ready, press ‘confirm’.

  • Input your 6-digit security pin.

  • Wait a few seconds for your fund to settle in the earn vault.

  • Your good to go! Still, don’t forget to come back and claim daily reward to fully leverage the power of compound interest.

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