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Private Key Co-Custody with MPC Technology

Updated: Jul 14

Get to know “CYBAVO”, one of our service provider in implementing the “MPC” cutting-edge technology

We are happy to announce that nativ wallet is utilizing CYBAVO, one of the most reliable providers of MPC and blockchain solutions.

Introducing the all-in-one solution of blockchain management - CYBAVO. As a Circle's subsidiary company, CYBAVO’s innovative solutions that minimize the costs and risks of management and implementation lead to a seamless experience for our clients, without compromising security and speed. This means our clients can enjoy a better app experience with faster response times and updates, allowing endless opportunities to have multiple chains be integrated right into the same wallet for cross-chain transactions—not to mention the top-class decentralized private key custodial technology you’ll ever find in the market.

What's the secret? CYBAVO’s cutting-edge technology allows for on-premise key storage, meaning that your crypto private keys never leave your premises. Additionally, thanks to Multi-Party Computation (MPC), you can rest assured that your private keys are fully protected at all times. MPC technology allows the private key to be split into multiple chunks, each held by a different party. Indeed, a chunk of them is already under your custody, encrypted by your 6-digit PIN code. Therefore, we can definitely say you are responsible for your keys and are one of the main fortresses of our “Non-custodial wallet” private key keeping. Do note that not even CYBAVO or nativ can generate your chunk of the private key without your permission. As a result, it is inherently safe since only when a sufficient number of chunks are combined can the private key be reconstructed to unlock your wallet.

At nativ, we're dedicated to providing you with the reliable and secure wallet you need to succeed in the world of blockchain. nativ has combined CYBAVO's ISO-27001-verified, world-class security with nativ’s unique "as easy as traditional currency" user interface for users of every generation. Let’s safeguard your digital assets without sacrificing convenience - Try our product today and you will find it’s even easier and more secure than custody of your own 24-seed phrase.

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