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Withdraw Guide for Beginners: How to Transfer Your Fund from Nativ Account to All Other Platforms

Want to move your funds out of Nativ? We got you covered in this guide. Immediately move your fund whenever you want from Nativ to all other platforms. Instant settlement on blockchains by just paying a transaction fee.

Step 1: Generate Deposit Address from Your Using CEX or DEX

This includes all other platforms that support corresponding cryptocurrencies and blockchains, but we will take the example of OKX in this case.

  • Open the OKX app (or other exchanges/wallets where you want your fund to land).

  • Press Sign up/Log in.

  • Login to OKX using your registered account (or log in with Google/Telegram).

  • In the wallet tab, press ‘Deposit’.

  • Search for the cryptocurrency you want to deposit to OKX, in this case, we’ll choose the USDT.

  • Select the blockchain network that you want to send assets from Nativ. (This network selection ‘MUST MATCH’ with what you select later on Nativ).

  • Nativ currently supports ERC-20 and TRC-20 as of this writing. Therefore, please choose carefully. More networks will be available soon.

  • Note: most of the time TRC-20 will cost less fees than ERC-20 network.

  • Copy the OKX deposit address.

  • You can also save the QR code image and use it in the supported platform, including Nativ (The QR code will display the same address that you copy).

  • You can press ‘Share deposit details’ to save QR code and/or send the address to your friends on social media.

  • Get ready to transfer!

Step 2:Prepare to Withdraw from Nativ
  • Open the Nativ app (Available on both Android and iOS).

  • Press ‘Withdraw’

  • Choose the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw from Nativ, in this case, we’ll choose the USDT, which corresponds to what what we have selected in OKX.

  • Select the same blockchain network that you choose on OKX (Step 1), TRC-20 in this case.

  • Important: Check Nativ withdrawal fees here before making any transactions.

  • Paste the deposit address you have copied from OKX in the box (Step1) and press ‘Continue’

  • Note: You can also use QR code or scan to add the deposit address

Step 3: Choose the Amount and Confirm Transaction
  • Input the amount of USDT that you want to withdraw from Nativ and press ‘Continue’.

  • Press ‘Max’ to withdraw all of your USDT in Nativ (including decimals).

  • Only USDT that is not locked in our ‘Earn’ program will show here. If you find some of your USDT is missing, remember to unlock them from the ‘Earn’ vault first.

  • Enter your 6-digit PIN code to confirm the transaction. No extra action is needed.

  • Your fund is on its way to the destination address (OKX). Please wait a few seconds for the fund to settle at the destination address through block confirmation of the selected blockchain.

  • You can also check the estimated transaction time for each blockchain network below.

  1. Bitcoin Network: ~10 Minutes

  2. Ethereum (ERC-20): ~5 Minutes

  3. BNB Smart chain (BEP-20): ~5 Minutes

  4. Tron (TRC-20): ~3 Minutes

  • You can go back and check the transaction history in the ‘Activity’ tab from the main menu.

  • However, if it takes too long or a problem occurs, feel free to reach out to our support team immediately. Your fund is a top priority, and we are on standby and ready to help 24/7.

  • That's the end of our guide. Hope you enjoy using Nativ Wallet.

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